Sedona Soul Tour 

A two-hours Sightseeing Tour of Your Soul

Sedona Soul Balance -determines the root of what ails your soul, and then manifests life transforming solutions

Award-winning Shamanic Life Coach Anke's

authentic Soul Healing Technique 

helps you get rid of habits that hold you back.

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Let the Power of Your Energy do the Work!

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Read what others say how Anke has transformed their lives:

"I took a soul tour and then did follow-up life-coaching sessions with Anke, which has changed my life. She is an incredible spirit and gifted shaman. She provides you with the wisdom and strength to unlock your own possibilities and teaches in a down-to-earth manner! I am so thankful to have met life is so much greater now with her guidance."

- Jacky S.

"Amazing Energy Healing! My soul tour with Anke was amazing, her insight and expertise was revealing and profound. The setting was truly powerful and the red rocks gave our session a inspiring atmosphere. Highly recommended!"

- Roberta C.

"Anke Buffalo Feather Otto-Wolf is a one of a kind spirit. My husband and I met with her for our babymoon. It was the best thing we could have done. She picked us up and showed us some of the most beautiful places in Sedona, AZ. We arrived at her "office" and found many of the tools our souls were in need of. She is amazing and well worth spending your day with. Your soul will thank you!"

- Thalia F.