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How much is your
Soul Health
worth to you?

6-Week Manifestion of Your Soul Health

Anke's award-winning Signature Soul & Energy Healing Technique

Six weeks with Anke: Renovate & Transform Your Life ! 

Each Week

  • One Shamanic Life Coaching Skype Session 

  • Email access

  • One follow-up Phone Conversation (15min)

  • Home Study guidelines (workbook pages p/week



  • Meditations

  • Native Card Reading

  • Individual Assessment with energy Analysis

  • Action plan for the weeks ahead


Sixth, final  Week

  • Final lessons, re-cap and re-group

  • Closing Ceremony (skype)

  • Certificate of Completion


At the end of the six weeks, you will

  • Manifest & live the Signature Retreat teachings

  • Stand in your own power

  • Catapult your business and life into success

  • Speak your voice, stand in your power

  • Make healthy decisions 


What You can expect to

  • be prepared for the relationships you deserve

  • be completely independent

  • have high Self-Esteem and Self-Value

  • feel and be in power of Self-Determination

  • do what you love doing without feeling guilty

  • live without fear

  • know your time management   

How much is your Soul Health worth to you?

BONUS Gifts (after registration pd in full)

1. “Give Your Soul a Gift”  $15

by award-winning author Anke Otto-Wolf;

2. “The Essentials of Self-Empowerment” $75

Instructional Manual to Spiritual Growth

3. "The Essentials"  $45

"Working for My Soul"  $45 

"I had Enough"  $45

This proven, Authentic Soul & Energy Healing Technique

(six weeks/2 sessions wkly) with the personal touch by award-winning Shamanic Life Coach Anke Otto-Wolf, transforms YOUR Life-


(Value $2,175.00)

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