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How much is your
Soul Health
worth to you?

6-Week Manifestion of Your Soul Health

Anke's award-winning Signature Soul & Energy Healing Technique

Six weeks with Anke: Renovate & Transform Your Life ! 

Each Week

  • One Shamanic Life Coaching Skype Session 

  • Email access

  • One follow-up Phone Conversation (15min)

  • Home Study guidelines (workbook pages p/week



  • Meditations

  • Native Card Reading

  • Individual Assessment with energy Analysis

  • Action plan for the weeks ahead


Sixth, final  Week

  • Final lessons, re-cap and re-group

  • Closing Ceremony (skype)

  • Certificate of Completion


At the end of the six weeks, you will

  • Manifest & live the Signature Retreat teachings

  • Stand in your own power

  • Catapult your business and life into success

  • Speak your voice, stand in your power

  • Make healthy decisions 


What You can expect to

  • be prepared for the relationships you deserve

  • be completely independent

  • have high Self-Esteem and Self-Value

  • feel and be in power of Self-Determination

  • do what you love doing without feeling guilty

  • live without fear

  • know your time management   

How much is your Soul Health worth to you?
Contact Anke now for details and scheduling 

BONUS Gifts (after registration pd in full)

1. “Give Your Soul a Gift”  

by award-winning author Anke Otto-Wolf;

2. “The Essentials of Self-Empowerment” 

Instructional Manual to Spiritual Growth

3. "The Essentials"  

"Working for My Soul"   

"I had Enough"  

This proven, Authentic Soul & Energy Healing Technique

(six weeks/2 sessions wkly) with the personal touch by award-winning Shamanic Life Coach Anke Otto-Wolf, will transform YOUR Life-


(Value $2,200.00)

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