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Bear Cloud & Anke in Sedona

Anke and Jack Canfield

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International Global Award Winner 2016 - 2021

Hello, I am Anke Otto-Wolf 

Shamanic Life Coach, Energy Healer, Spiritual Adviser, Founder / Author of Global Award-Winning Sedona Soul Balance. Are you yearning to find soul balance, emotional independence and more self-assurance? Then I can assure you, you have chosen THE place to discover it; for taking care of one’s soul ought to be priority in life.


My story- Having endured the unimaginable cruelty, coercion, and the loss of personal liberties during the division of my native country Germany (see below
"My Peace of The Wall"), my most inner rebellion took place. I knew there had to be an out. Yes, those feelings of frustration, helplessness and emotional stress, were a struggle that put me on a journey to find myself. To my utter astonishment, I found myself within me! 

My experiences as a journalist, veteran educator, and creator of Stop Bullying programs, led to my fulfilling work as a life empowerment coach. Along that journey as a passionate teacher in classrooms of inner-city project schools, I connected with those kids because of their soul’s poverty which I had plenty of during my formative years in Germany.


I was determined to give the children before me what they needed most: Love for Life, Self-Assurance, Love for Self and much more.

Together we created the Cease Fire Kids

which later on developed into TOLEY RANZ

Toley Ranz, for which I was honored by former President Bill Clinton. Other awards, honors and certificates arrived while I took charge of my spiritual growth helping others and changing lives as a Shamanic Life Empowerment Coach and Energy Healer.

The results of this amazing journey are, for example, the young woman who left her lucrative corporate job, immersed herself in her given talents and is now a sought-after healer; or the judge who is engulfed in child abuse cases, finds her daily strength in a brief meditation just before each court session.

Sedona' Energy and Metaphysical ambiance contribute to living life to the fullest. Treat your Self to profound, life changing experiences.

I am here for YOU!


Anke Otto-Wolf 


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