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Anke Otto-Wolf                            award-winning author / shamanic life coach /
fonder Sedona Soul Balance & Toley Ranz

Anke's best seller!

Give Your Soul a Gift

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Manifest Nature's Energy - Feed Your Soul and live Stress-free - Step into Your Own Power - Say 'hello' to Your Future Self - 
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Stops Bullying Program

Parents, Grandparents- this is for you! Let TOLEY RANZ inspire you and your Kids- Come Toley Ranz with us!


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My Peace of The Wall

Anke Otto-Wolf

“... awakens memories and sharing those with this fascinating author is deeply moving…”

“Your poetry is profound… brings me to tears.”

Award-winning Author                                                                 

Shamanic Life Coach

Creator/Founder "Toley Ranz"

Stop Bullying Program

“… and to think I could have killed you with my bombs in ‘43.”

Ken Wright, RAF, & the author met 50 years after the Berlin Airlift he flew in 1948

Iconic pix of East German soldier's flight from oppression, August 1961

1961-2021  Commemorating 60 Years of the BERLIN WALL

HOW to Chat with Your Soul

about Fears, Habits and Beliefs; the power of your soul's energy appearing as purple ribbon.

HOW to Negotiate like a Pro

A look at the energy Power of Self, Body

Language and Voice Intonation for Women's Negotiation Skills

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