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MEDIA 2019 - 2021

January 2022

Grandmother, Veteran Teacher creates Solutions to Kids' Listlessness...

Grandmother (79) Turns Her Own Horrendous WWII Experiences into Action - Creates Pioneering Kids’ Program Countering Deprivation of Emotional Well-Being – Instilling Love, Mindfulness, And Respect in Children’s Self & Soul ...

The Memory of Kindness Through the Art of Music During Her Own Dark School Days, Helped This Grandmother to Create a Groundbreaking Method for Forward-Thinking Parents to Remain Calm and In Control During Their Kids’ Pandemic- Influenced Rebellious Times.


From Atlanta to India, and from Boston to SouthAfrica- Anke's TOLEY RANZ program is hailed by Parents & Teachers alike around the globe!



Anke Otto-Wolf, creator of Sedona Soul Balance & Toley Ranz Program, has been featured world-wide and nationally in powerful press coverage in the Minneapolis News, or read from the

Chicago News Tribune 




March 2021- with host Brad Perry live on AZTV7 Phoeniz, AZ, featuring award-winning author/creator of Toley Ranz, Anke Otto-Wolf

Click the image (left) for episodes from January, March and April 2021

... and don't miss our google collage Toley, Brad Perry, Anke at work!

Sedona Soul Balance  &  Toley Ranz

bi-weekly news, information, service

Sedona Soul Balance

Information, tips, reports, and HOW TO improve one's life; especially Parents and Grandparents will find the features about Self-Care, Self-Assurance, Self-Love/Respect, and most of all: What to do NOT to fly off the Handle, or to experience a Burn-out. 

Number ONe: SELF-Care

Number Two: Get Help from Anke and Toley Ranz

Toley Ranz, the awesome Mascot of Tolerance

Parents and Grandparents- this is truly for You! How many times are you asking for help? Or you're wondering when 'this' could finally change? and how many times you wished to find a solution so you could 'reach' your kids?

Here it is: the Toley Ranz program- treat yourself and click here for info

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