Sedona Soul Tours & Retreats  

Global  Winner

Spiritual Tour Operator 2020 USA

Anke's award-winning Signature Retreats 
with her Authentic Soul Healing Technique
to Reclaim Your Power- 

A Spa Day for YOUR Soul

a Day to Transform Your Life

Sedona Soul  Tour

a few hours of soul sightseeing

Email Anke  Call Anke +1 (928) 254-1879

Start Your Life's Renovation NOW 

"overcoming & preventing"

Picture your Life in which

  • YOUR thoughts, actions and wisdom count

  • YOU stand in your Power

  • YOU create a healthy, productive reality

  • YOU visualize yourself ditching Guilt, Blame,  and Shame

  • YOU live in Self-Awareness, Self-Value & Empowerment

Say 'hello' to your Future Self!

Anke's Shangri-La with Medicine Wheel and Energy Studio

Transform your Life-

Create a profound Shift to


  • Release stress instigators 
  • Connecting with your own Energy 
  • Opening up to your innate power 
  • Spiritual Awakening

  • Meditation & Visualization

  • Shamanic Energy Healing 

  • Soul Re-Connections / Retrieval

ABCs of Life            click pdf for download