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A safe Space for Kids to Learn HOW to Stop a Bully
Toley is a Parent's Teaching Aid & Helper

 TOLEY RANZ Goes Library

Is YOUR Library ready for a ground-breaking Stop Bullying Program? Let us know, please.

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SEDONA, AZ, November 2022 - In collaboration with Community Libraries the Toley Ranz Foundation 4 Tolerance moves its innovative Stop Bullying Program into safe spaces for children to learn self-empowerment. And there, in those safe, bully-free atmospheres kids and parents, find a go-to place where they can learn how to strengthen self-reliance and stand-up to bullying. Please read more

TOLEY RANZ is the awesome Inner Hero & Coach of any Child

  • represents a child's inner voice of wrong and right

  • assists parents in reaching a child's soul

  • stands for kindness, mindfulness, thoughtfulness, acceptance

  • helps parents & grandparents to awaken curiosity in kids for life, learning, self-love


Camp Verde

Community Library


Parents, Are you a Hero? Yes, you are- you are Raising Kids in a Screwed-up World 

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More vidoes at  TOLEY RANZ  U-Tube channel

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